Hashtags Just Don’t Cut It.

Rest in peace, everyone who has been murdered this year.




I may be white, but I won’t be a bystander. Our brothers and sisters of color do not need motionless allies; they need active comrades. This is a critical and dangerous time for the African American community…and what sort of history are we looking to create?

We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it; hatred and division only inspire more hatred and division.

Some of the guiding principles in the #BlackLivesMatter movement include Empathy, Loving Engagement, and Restorative Justice. Regardless of your race, these are principles to live by. Murder is wrong. Racial discrimination is wrong. Hatred (no matter how righteously intended) is not the answer.

I say these things with love and respect for the black community.

Those of us who have lived our lives in racial privilege cannot BEGIN to imagine the horror endured by victims of racism. But we CAN use our voices to offer love; we can lend our ears to listen; we can spread our arms and support our fellow humans; we can write, talk, and march to change the hearts of those who still cling to bigotry.

To my black friends, I am deeply sorry for your losses today, and every day since our country began. I offer you my deepest respect, as well as the promise of my unwavering support and non-violent resistance on your behalf.

To my white friends, I urge you to take action. Peace is possible. The time is now.






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