It’s my BFF’s Birthday.

13680259_2045631318995344_8597191524614865181_oI love my husband, but there are very few love stories in history that compare with the shenanigans of Julia Cannon and myself. In honor of her Uterus Emancipation day, here are some enlightening videos.

Embarrassing Ourselves On A Beach in High School:

Embarrassing Ourselves For the Internet, As Adults:

Currently Embarrassing Everyone on a Professional Level:

You’re welcome, internet. Julia Cannon is your new girl crush and my first love. 

We have molested pianos together, escaped creepy parties, spotted the elusive 6 ft Alaskan Skateboarding Rabbit, danced with fruit, hated each others’ dating choices, tolerated each others’ dating choices, finally come to terms with the fact that we will never be married to each other, been each other’s therapists, devoured mountains of junk food, climbed actual mountains, made a lot of people laugh, written letters, done stupid things and believed in each other on an evangelical level.

In short: I like Julia’s butt and I’m glad it was born. 

Her music is really awesome, too. Listen here.



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