22 Things I Learned at 22

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This last month, my husband and I drove up the California coast to Canada. We made stops in Big Sur, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. We finished the drive in Vancouver, and spent the next few weeks in Canada. There were highs, lows, surprises, dangers, adventures, joyful discoveries, epic meltdowns, massive breakthroughs and so, so many questions.

Saying “screw it” and hitting the road was a great end to my year – because that was the year. And here’s another birthday, down.

I’ll never be 22 again. What a bummer. What a relief.

Spoiler: 23 is just a slightly older, wiser version of young and stupid.

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22 was not the year to ‘figure it all out;’ it was the year to stop trying to. And it’s funny – the less I waited for answers, the more there were. Here’s a few.

22 Things I Learned at 22

Laugh about it the second ‘later’ comes.

Things you hate can become things you like. 

Changing your mind can be a really good thing.

You’ll never be this young and bold again. Invest in some mistakes.

Diets are silly. Self-care is not.

Own your baggage. You’re the one carrying it.

Honesty is the most uncomfortable (but valuable) gift you can give someone.

It’s nobody’s job to understand you. Except, perhaps, your therapist.

Your brain IS your body. Feed it, love it, let it rest. 

Self awareness is more valuable than money, success, or looks.

Flaking out on fun just because you’re sad is usually the less worthwhile choice.

Just go outside.

Dry shampoo is a miraculous invention.

Ask for help. Offer help. Either/or. Both. 

Cynical is just another word for ‘narrow-minded.’

Trying things that make you feel stupid will actually make you less stupid.

Nobody figures it all out. Not even you.

J.K. Rowling, Oprah, the Dalai Lama and Beyonce all have people who don’t like them. Do what they do, and forget about it.

True friends are really important.

You are really important.

If it’s bad, survive. It’ll be over before you know it.

If it’s good, enjoy. It’ll be over before you know it.

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