Ashton Kutcher, International Superhero of Human Rights and Unrestricted PRO.

(Trigger warning: sexual abuse. Viewer discretion is advised.)

So Ashton Kutcher is basically Batman, now. He’s pouring all of his money, time and resources into technology that’s saved the lives of thousands of children.

Yes, really. THOUSANDS. The Department of Homeland Security can’t even keep up.

He just testified about slavery and human trafficking before Congress, and it was absolute FIRE. (Video below)


I see you, Swooning Lady watching Batman speak. I feel those feels. They’re appropriate.

Welcome Ashton Kutcher, Chairman of Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children and International Superhero of Human Rights. 

I’m sharing this here for two reasons:

  1. Slavery is an important issue that affects everyone. Knowledge is power. The more awareness there is of this problem, the more children may be freed – here and now, in 2017. The stories Kutcher shares in this video are vivid and traumatic in nature…but if you can stomach the pain in hearing them, sharing could help save lives.
  2. Ashton Kutcher is a wonderful example of someone living an Unrestricted Life.To anyone who says, ‘I can’t change the world, I’m just a ____,” here’s someone who has done the most he can with what he’s got. He recognizes his advantages (money, fame, influence) and uses them to their fullest extent. He’s not worried people won’t take him seriously, because it’s not about him. It’s about the problem he’s working to solve. By freeing himself to commit fully to his cause, he’s freed thousands of others.

You don’t have to be a famous actor to use your unique advantages for good. You can be creative AND political AND academic AND scientific AND be a parent/friend/spouse/leader/volunteer, or any combination of those.

It doesn’t matter if nobody knows you…or if everyone does. You’ll never be ‘just’ anything. You’re someone who does things that only you can do. Only you have the power to harness your abilities for good. 

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin 

If you’d like to use your skills to help save lives with Thorn, check out their Get Involved page. There’s even a survey to fill out if you have non-technical skills you’d like to lend to their organization.

Or, if your passion calls you elsewhere…what’s something you have, know or do that can be used to improve your community? Batman wants to know.






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